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Old Mother Redcap’s “Mermaids Revenge” Curse


"The stranded mermaid on the beach
Did sorely cry and sorely screech,
Afraid to bide the morrow’s breeze:
The cold it came, and she did freeze”.- Rhys

This curse is designed to cause confusion and chaos to the target, trapping them in a state of unrest. 

Items needed:
- A large jar or bottle
- A photo of the target
- Sea water
- Sharp sea glass and shells
- Handful of sand
- Fishing sinker
- Fishing line
- Seaweed
- Crushed ice

Take the photo of the target and attached it to the fishing sinker with some string or some of the fishing line. Put it in the jar. 
Fill the jar up with sea water. Add in the sharp glass and shells, sand, rest of the fishing line and seaweed. Lastly, add in the ice. Seal it up tightly.

You may wish to add in some glitter or shiny objects to your jar, as a better way to “lure in” your target.

Take the jar in your hands and gently rock back and forth, mimicking the rocking waves of the ocean. Sing or hum a soft and sweet hypnotising song. 
Visualise the target becoming trapped under the water, unable to keep afloat…. the freezing water paralysing their lungs. Visualise them getting tangled amongst the fishing line and seaweed. 

Keep the jar somewhere safe to continue the curse whenever you wish.

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my new drying set up! slowly harvesting the herb garden

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Little Witch by temiel


Little Witch by temiel

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